This agreement is made on:                                                         between Parkfield Business Centre





We require an advance of two months’ rent which is payable at time of confirmation and before occupancy. This is refundable on departure or can be used for your last two months

of rental providing all accounts are in order.


To comply with money laundering regulations we request two forms of identification. 

Please provide your passport or driving licence and a utility bill showing your current home address for our file retention.

All registration forms should be filled out in full and signed by all relevant parties.


Two months’ notice to terminate the agreement is required.


Clients agree to settle accounts for rental on a standing order basis –

As soon as is reasonably possible. Any invoices raised for additional services will be issued monthly and should be settled immediately. We do not give credit on sundry items.

We will exercise our statutory right to charge interest and take compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms.

(Parkfield Business Centre may terminate this agreement immediately if the client is in breach of any of the agreements obligations or conditions as detailed in this agreement.

Or the client becomes bankrupt or shall have a receiving order made against it or enters into any arrangement or composition with creditors or if the client shall suffer the clients goods to be taken in execution of judgement or by distress.)



General / clients obligations

The client hereby further agrees and undertakes to pay the agreed fee on the dates required in full. To insure the clients own property and business risk and to indemnify Parkfield Business Centre against all actions, proceedings and claims by third parties or employees of the client in respect required, the client should allow inspection of insurance policies and produce evidence of paying the premium.

The client shall use the accommodation for the purpose of office space to be used in conjunction with their industry business. Where the client is not a named individual to nominate in writing a person who will be responsible for managing the accommodation for the client and who will accept responsibility for the clients obligations under this agreement.

This will not release the client from any of its client’s obligations under this agreement.

Clients should not do anything to invalidate Parkfield Business Centres insurance policies.

The client should observe all requirements and regulations concerning the use of the premises and to indemnify Parkfield Business Centre against any claims arising from any breach of those regulations.


Telephones. Anyone who wishes to take out a contract with our suppliers, Solution IP must fill out a standing order form and hand to reception before any connections are made.

Internal telephones and connections are supplied by Parkfield Business Centre.

Wifi. The client shall comply with Parkfield Business Centre requirements regarding conduct online.

“The client shall not view or download any form of pornographic, racist or offensive material, nor shall they use the Wi-Fi system to hack into anyone else’s computer system”.

If any of the above activities are carried out the client will be asked to leave with immediate effect and not to return. No refunds will be given with regards to rent or services which have been paid for and not received.

The Wi-Fi is a free limited complementary service; no liability is accepted by Parkfield Business Centre for loss of work time or earnings due to Wi-Fi failure.

Smoking is not permitted in any area of Parkfield Business Centre.

Cars are parked at the owner’s risk. No liability for damage will be accepted by Parkfield Business Centre.

Any clients not paying for parking must not park in the property or on property rented by

Parkfield Business Centre for the purpose of clients parking.

Clients should make sure that the property is left secure at all times by using the alarm system and locking the doors in accordance with procedure.                                                                                       


Clients should turn off all unnecessary lighting / electrical items when leaving their office.

Items should not be left in stand-by mode.

Clients should keep the accommodation clean, tidy and free from fire or health hazards and common areas should not be obstructed.

We request that any problems should be reported to reception and/or the maintenance team immediately.

Clients should not make any alterations to the property without approval from Parkfield Management.

Clients should not cause a disturbance or nuisance to any other clients within the Centre.

Anyone who damages property belonging to Parkfield Business Centre or their agents will be required to pay in full for this damage whether accidental or deliberate.

Upon vacating Parkfield Business Centre all personal items must be removed from the premises.

We will not store personal items.

We do not accept any unreasonable behaviour or tolerate any abuse towards any member of our staff.

We reserve the right to request clients to leave the premises immediately and without further warning with no refunds for payments already made.



Parkfield Business Centre

We are responsible for interior and exterior decoration and signage.

We maintain the fabric of the premises.

We provide cleaning, lighting and maintenance of the common parts of the premises.

We maintain public liability insurance in respect of the common parts of the property and insure against destruction and damage by fire.

A key will be provided for entrance to the building and to the client’s relevant office. Clients will be informed of the alarm system and security arrangements. It is the client’s responsibility to secure the building out of hours.

We will inform clients of evacuation procedures in the event of emergencies. It is the responsibility of the client to inform their visitors and staff of these procedures.

We allow the client access to meeting room facilities, chargeable separately.


Terms and definitions

The access ways and public space means corridors, roads, paths, entrance hall, reception, relaxation areas, doorways, parking spaces i.e. any space let to the client for the purpose of parking one vehicle belonging to the client.

The premises, the building means Parkfield Business Centre Ltd.

The rental means the agreed fee between Parkfield Business Centre and the client for a designated space.


Signed on behalf of Company named overleaf …………………………………………….

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